The horror is not what you see, but what it means

Have you ever seen anything so horrific?

As a man spilling his words

As if words have no value

No meaning to them

He is an abomination

A contamination

Of mankind

-written by me

Getting better at shading and drawing facial features anatomically correct. Still working on creating a more realistic texture but practice is the key. I’m noticing a serious difference in how long it takes me to finish artwork. What used to take 2 days, takes weeks. I’m also working 2 jobs and trying to do other things. Overwhelmed to say the least.
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Finished PaintingĀ 

Change is inevitable, understanding that fact can be the beginning of a journey to happiness

This is my finally product of the painting I started weeks ago. I squeezed in hours at a time when I had time, daylight, nice weather. It was a process and a journey. I hope to come up with more fun ideas. I’ve learned so much from doing my first painting. Mixing paint, using water, learning how to use a brush. The journey to painting was a good choice. It’s all about the journey šŸ¤™šŸ¾

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Not so normal portraitĀ 

If I consume your sight, will I taste what you see or will I develop similar visions?

I sketched this out a few days ago and I kept shading and adding to it. Today, I decided to look into where highlights actually go, turns out I was completely off. Spent some time fixing it and just overall trying to improve how I draw faces. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Journey to PaintingĀ 

In order to grow, One must get uncomfortable- no idea

So, I drew this Buddha a week ago and I finally got the weather I wanted to paint outside. Let me tell you…painting is no joke. I have never painted anything serious in my life, let alone a portrait. The paint kept drying too quickly and when I mixed paints together, they thinned out way more than expected. My lines kept coming out uneven and jagged. I had to go over parts multiple times, because I painted outside the lines. But by the end I had learned so much about how to work with acrylic paint. I learned how to utilize water when painting. I started to appreciate the art of layering. Although it was harder than expected, the end result was marvelous. It’s all about the journey šŸ¤˜šŸ¾