FKA Twigs

Higher than a motherfucker, dreaming of you as my lover (mouth open, you’re high)

I’ve been sick, working a lot but i started this weeks ago. I finally finished and I will post the photo I used a reference. But i think I’m getting better and drawing portraits and shading. Trying to make them more realistic. 



The horror is not what you see, but what it means

Have you ever seen anything so horrific?

As a man spilling his words

As if words have no value

No meaning to them

He is an abomination

A contamination

Of mankind

-written by me

Getting better at shading and drawing facial features anatomically correct. Still working on creating a more realistic texture but practice is the key. I’m noticing a serious difference in how long it takes me to finish artwork. What used to take 2 days, takes weeks. I’m also working 2 jobs and trying to do other things. Overwhelmed to say the least.
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Finished Painting 

Change is inevitable, understanding that fact can be the beginning of a journey to happiness

This is my finally product of the painting I started weeks ago. I squeezed in hours at a time when I had time, daylight, nice weather. It was a process and a journey. I hope to come up with more fun ideas. I’ve learned so much from doing my first painting. Mixing paint, using water, learning how to use a brush. The journey to painting was a good choice. It’s all about the journey 🤙🏾

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Not so normal portrait 

If I consume your sight, will I taste what you see or will I develop similar visions?

I sketched this out a few days ago and I kept shading and adding to it. Today, I decided to look into where highlights actually go, turns out I was completely off. Spent some time fixing it and just overall trying to improve how I draw faces. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Journey to Painting 

In order to grow, One must get uncomfortable- no idea

So, I drew this Buddha a week ago and I finally got the weather I wanted to paint outside. Let me tell you…painting is no joke. I have never painted anything serious in my life, let alone a portrait. The paint kept drying too quickly and when I mixed paints together, they thinned out way more than expected. My lines kept coming out uneven and jagged. I had to go over parts multiple times, because I painted outside the lines. But by the end I had learned so much about how to work with acrylic paint. I learned how to utilize water when painting. I started to appreciate the art of layering. Although it was harder than expected, the end result was marvelous. It’s all about the journey 🤘🏾